That’s right! We decided to make another movie with all of your favorite characters from ONCE I WAS A BEEHIVE, and a few new characters as well. We even have a fun flashback scene, so we need the 12-13 year old versions of Bree, Mindy, Charlotte and your other favorite young women from the original movie.  We also have a few leading roles available as well, including Bree’s roommate at BYU-Hawaii and also her dashing fiancé!




If you would like to submit an audition to be in the new movie “Once I Was Engaged,” please do the following:


  1. First, choose the role that fits you best. If you are auditioning for one of the "Younger” characters, maybe re-watch “Once I Was a Beehive” and ask your family and friends which character they think you most resemble from the movie! Then, look up the corresponding sides (lines) from the website If you’re a Beehive fan, chances are you will already know them! :) 

  2. Second, film yourself or have someone film you performing the lines. It might be helpful to have a friend or family member read the other character’s lines for you. Using a Smartphone camera is just fine but, make sure to turn it horizontally while filming. Make sure you are close enough to the camera so we can see your beautiful face! TRY to be MEMORIZED. It’s easier for us to get a sense of who you are and to see your faces if you are able to memorize your lines! Remember to HAVE FUN! Get into the character and show us your skills.

  3. Next, upload your audition video to YouTube or Vimeo (You can make it unlisted if you want, but make sure we can watch the video without needing a password.)

  4. Finally, email your video link to, along with your name, age, where you live, and a headshot (picture) of yourself. If you don’t have a headshot, you can take a well-lit selfie and send that! Make sure to include your name and the character you are auditioning for in the subject line of your email. For Example: “Jane Doe for YOUNG CHARLOTTE”

  5. Give yourself an awkward fist bump for totally crushing it!


We can’t WAIT to watch all of your auditions! 


The deadline to submit your audition is Sunday, November 8th at midnight, but as Carrie Carrington would say, DON'T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! The sooner you send your tape, the better! We watch auditions in the order we receive them and if we find someone perfect, we may cast them immediately and close the submissions early. 


If you need to re-watch ONCE I WAS A BEEHIVE, you can find the DVD at Deseret Book, stream it on Amazon Prime and Living Scriptures, or watch it on YouTube Movies for free!


The same team that brought you the popular “Once I Was a Beehive” is beginning casting for their next feature film, entitled “Once I Was Engaged.” This movie will follow the story of Bree Carrington as she gets engaged, and of course, Carrie Carrington, who now has to plan a wedding! All of your favorite former cast members will also be returning, including some new cast members. We are currently seeking the following cast:


[YOUNG BREE] Female, 13, needs to resemble Bree from Once I Was a Beehive (OIWAB). Bree is a devoted follower of the LDS faith and wants to always do what’s right.


[YOUNG PAIGE] Female, 13, needs to resemble Paige from OIWAB. Outgoing and athletic.


[YOUNG HANNAH] Female, 13, needs to resemble Hannah from OIWAB. Is more interested in doing her own thing than following the other girls.


[YOUNG MYKELLE] Female, 13, needs to resemble Mykelle from OIWAB. Sweet, mild-mannered and a little silly.


[YOUNG CHARLOTTE] Female, 11-13, needs to resemble Charlotte from OIWAB. Already boy crazy.


[YOUNG MINDY] Female, 11-13, needs to resemble Mindy from OIWAB. Overdramatic and a little kooky.

[THYS CHESTERFIELD] (pronounced “Tice”) Male, early to mid 20’s, any ethnicity, Bree Carrington’s fiance . He is handsome, athletic, smart, and VERY charming, almost too charming. He is from a well-to-do LDS family. Singing, playing ukulele, and surfing experience a plus. LEAD

[LEILANI] Female, early 20’s, Pacific Islander/Polynesian, Bree’s roommate at BYU Hawaii. She is an aspiring filmmaker and is vivacious and witty, with a bit of a sarcastic edge. LEAD

[MONICA CHESTERFIELD] Female, 60s-70s, any ethnicity, mother of Thys. She is a physician, and she’s elegant and attractive.  She can do it all. She has 7 adult sons but also helps to run a charity with her husband, Scott. She is everything that Carrie Carrington dreams of being. LEAD

[SCOTT CHESTERFIELD] Male, 60s-70s, any ethnicity, father of Thys. Retired real estate investor and former mission president, now a philanthropist. He is handsome, kind, and confident. Typical dad sense of humor and can be a bit goofy. LEAD



Simply record a video with your name, age, and the part you are going for, and then tell us a fun fact about yourself in 20 seconds or less!

[BRIDGET] Female, 20’s, any ethnicity, Thys’s former girlfriend. Sister missionary. Beautiful, sweet and confident.

[YOUNG TYLER CARRINGTON] Male, 11, any ethnicity, Bree’s younger brother

[YOUNG CARSON CARRINGTON] Male, 9, any ethnicity, Bree’s younger brother

[YOUNG MARGARET CARRINGTON] Female, 5-6, any ethnicity, Bree’s younger sister

[TYLER CARRINGTON] Male, 16-17, any ethnicity, Bree’s younger brother

[CARSON CARRINGTON] Male, 14-15, any ethnicity, Bree’s younger brother